CTC GSi12 12KW GS Heatpump C/W DHW 1Ph Variable Speed Compressor
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  • 2.5-12kW Variable speed compressor adapts automatically to the building's output requirements during the year. When a lot of output is required, the output increases. When less output is required, the compressor shifts to lower output. Thanks to this you will always achieve maximum savings.
  • Sleek space saving design – All heating and DHW components required are in-built in to the Gsi12 resulting in a compact product suitable for installation anywhere in the home.
  • Compressor and refrigeration components are enclosed in a separate, sound-insulated unit. This provides exceptionally low noise and makes it the quietest ground source heat pump CTC have ever developed - with a sound level of just 39dB(A) its barely audible!
  • Instantaneuos DHW production through large plate heat exchanger equivalent to a 300L Storage Cylinder. No need for tank to be heated to 60degC to destroy bacteria.
  • User-friendly 4.3” colour touchscreen with built-in control for the heat pump. Ability to control two separate heating circuits with weather compensation.
  • Modular in-line Flow heater with adjustable output from 1.2 - 9kW which can be called on as necessary.
  • EnergyFlex gives total flexibility to incorporate other heat sources to the system for backup, such as control for existing boilers.
  • New and efficient insulation for minimal standing energy losses (1.75 kWh/day)
  • Also suplied with: outdoor sensor, room sensor, 2.5bar safety valve, dirt filters, auto air vent, manometer, fill/drain valves.