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Join an award winning team today – become a Viessmann installer and discover the benefits of working with a world leader in innovative boilers and heating systems.

We offer a complete support package for our installers that includes expert training on the very latest technologies, a dedicated after sales support team,

quick access to spares and supplies and an extensive range of online resources covering everything from installation and fault finding, to repairs and warranties.

With our generous reward schemes, Viessmann installers can also benefit from every boiler purchase. Ready to find out more about becoming a Viessmann installer?

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Technical support

Precision Heating are committed to supporting their customers with comprehensive technical support.

Commercial Heating Equipment

Pre-Sales advice 

As systems become more complex the need to advise on the selection and implementation of our products becomes increasingly important. Precision heating technical support staff have all received training by the manufacturers and have extensive experience in the application of our products. Our pre-sales advice includes provision of schematics which give guidance on how best to install the product hydraulically and electrically. This includes providing controls logic which is often among the biggest challenges. 

Site visits prior to installation 

For many commercial products it can be beneficial to visit site to advise the installer on “best practice” just before installation. Precision Heating are frequently asked by their customers for advice just prior to installation.  


Precision Heating recommend that all plant is commissioned by a trained engineer. This service is available for all our products.  

Post installation queries 

Many issues only become obvious sometime after installation. This can be due to controls conflicts or issues with other systems. Our experienced engineers are always on hand to help resolve the more difficult issues.   

After sales service  

Precision Heating takes great pride in the level of service we provide when something goes wrong. Simple issues are frequently resolved over the phone, but experienced engineers are available to attend site when required.  

Heat and Ventilation design

Using the latest hightech software, we provide heat pump sizing and individual room emitter outputs for heating. We can account for all types of ventilation and building standards.     

Underfloor Heating   

Precision Heating has a full design service available for underfloor heating. When provided with Autocad drawings, (or pdf plans) we can provide a full heat load calculation and pipe design for buildings requiring underfloor heating.  

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