Viessmann Climate Solutions & Carrier

Viessmann Climate Solutions and Carrier

Viessmann Climate Solutions and Carrier: Merger successfully completed

Viessmann Group merges Climate Solutions business unit with Carrier Global to create global climate champion. The family-owned company will remain independent and will significantly expand its wide-ranging activities beyond the heating industry.

  • Viessmann Group remains an independent family business
  • Viessmann Group becomes one of Carrier’s largest shareholders
  • Max Viessmann, CEO of Viessmann Group, joins Carrier’s Board of Directors
  • Viessmann Climate Solutions will be a key driver of Carrier’s long-term growth strategy
  • Thomas Heim, CEO of Viessmann Climate Solutions, leads Carrier’s residential and commercial climate solutions business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa
  • Entrepreneurial family will reinvest proceeds from the merger into the Viessmann Group in order to make acquisitions and co-investments outside the heating industry

Allendorf (Eder), 02.01.2024 – The Viessmann Group has successfully completed the merger of its largest business unit ‘Viessmann Climate Solutions’, headquartered in Allendorf (Germany), with Carrier Global (“Carrier”), headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida (USA).

In April 2023, Viessmann Climate Solutions and Carrier announced that they would join forces to jointly create a new global champion for climate and energy solutions.

Max Viessmann, CEO of the Viessmann Group: “With the transatlantic partnership between Viessmann Climate Solutions and Carrier, we are building a future-oriented, global climate champion in a progressive market environment. I am very excited about this merger. It creates the ideal basis for jointly seizing growth opportunities and maximizing our positive contribution to future generations.”

With the completion of the transaction, Viessmann Group will become one of Carrier’s largest shareholders. Max Viessmann joins Carrier’s Board of Directors.

The Viessmann Group’s Viessmann Climate Solutions business will be a key driver of Carrier’s growth strategy in residential and commercial climate solutions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Thomas Heim, CEO of Viessmann Climate Solutions, will take over the management of the business unit.

The Viessmann Group will remain an independent family business that will continue to be wholly owned by the Viessmann family of entrepreneurs. Building on its 106-year heritage, the owner family will strengthen its entrepreneurial activities in order to follow its mission statement.

With the proceeds from the merger with Carrier, the Viessmann Group will maximize its positive contribution through new global partnerships.

Prof. Dr. Martin Viessmann, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Viessmann Group: “Based on our 106-year history as a family-owned company, we are now taking the next steps to maximize our positive contribution for the next 106 years. To this end, we are combining our experience and expertise with the power of a growing ecosystem of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.”

Max Viessmann: “We will focus on all aspects, solutions and technologies that contribute to CO₂ avoidance, reduction and storage. Along the way, we will focus everything we do on creating living spaces for future generations.”

The company will expand its ecosystem through targeted co-investments, minority stakes and acquisitions in all areas that contribute to the Viessmann Group’s mission statement.

In light of the large number of enquiries following last year’s announcement, the Viessmann family is already reviewing and discussing a number of new partnerships with other family-owned companies, both private and listed.

In this context, the family-owned company will significantly expand its wide-ranging activities beyond the heating industry. From early-stage investments, to investments in medium-sized companies and family businesses, to philanthropic engagements worldwide.

The Viessmann Group has been successful with targeted investments for many years. With her values-driven approach by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, she accelerates the growth of more than 25 medium-sized and family-owned companies worldwide by an average of 15 percent per year – thanks to her strong expertise in sustainability, digitalization, technology, cultural transformation and generational change.

About Viessmann

Founded in 1917, the independent family-owned company Viessmann is now a global, broadly diversified group. All activities are based on the company’s mission statement “We design living spaces for future generations” – this is the passion and responsibility that drives the members of the large, global Viessmann family every day. In line with this goal, Viessmann offers companies and co-creators an ecosystem that goes beyond the heating industry to avoid, reduce and store CO₂.