How to stop condensation and save your cost

Does your home or property suffer from condensation, mildew or black mould? Do some rooms, especially bedrooms, smell musty or damp?Ventilation is the key to condensation problems. Unfortunately, just leaving a window open doesn’t allow enough ventilation into your home. Our Ventilation Systems will provide solutions to condensation, mildew and poor air quality problems in both new and existing properties. KERS Ventilations systems are designed for both private houses and apartments or flats where home owners experience the many symptoms of poor ventilation.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

As homes become increasingly airtight, controlled ventilation is needed to provide a healthy safe and energy efficient living space. A highly efficient fan combined with a hexagonal cell recuperative heat exchanger provides ventilation with highly efficient heat recovery. Up to 97% of the energy used to heat your room can be recovered using the Kers unit. The unit has built in humidity control to remove the conditions for black mould growth. The built in ambient noise reduction reduces street noise in urban situations. Kers units provide ventilation without the need to open windows giving the added benefit of increased security. Kers units can be networked to provide a whole house ventilation solution with minimal disruption during installation.

  • Kers ERP A rated
  • Up to 97% efficient
  • Built in humidity control to prevent condensation and mould problems
  • Built in noise insulation
  • Super quiet fan 11dB
  • Discrete side mounted control panel as well as remote control supplied with all units
  • Telescopic wall tube to accommodate most wall thicknesses
  • Units to suit 110mm & 160mm core holes
  • Optional flexible grills for easy installation from the inside in multi-story buildings