Heating & Ventilation

How to stop condensation and save your cost

Does your home or property suffer from condensation, mildew or black mould? Do some rooms, especially bedrooms, smell musty or damp?Ventilation is the key to condensation problems. Unfortunately, just leaving a window open doesn’t allow enough ventilation into your home. Our Ventilation Systems will provide solutions to condensation, mildew and poor air quality problems in both new and existing properties. KERS Ventilations systems are designed for both private houses and apartments or flats where home owners experience the many symptoms of poor ventilation.

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Heat Pumps

5 Reasons To Use Air Source Heat Pumps

What are heat pumps and why you should get one?

When building a new house or planning home improvements it is essential to select the right heating system, best suited to your home and individual needs and a heating system that is fit for purpose, but sadly this can be a challenge for many people. The goods news, however, is that there are ongoing, significant developments occurring within the plumbing and heating industry almost daily, homeowners have more choice than ever. Ranging from traditional solutions like oil-fired boilers, solar panels, condensing gas boilers and now air sourced heat pumps. As Ireland embarks upon its quest of becoming “Greener” and more focused on reducing our carbon impact, we see air source heat pumps becoming more popular within Irish homes over the past few years. It’s certainly a growing trend in households up and down the country and quite possibly, this could be the best heating system available for your own home. However, we know a decision of this size requires a little more fact finding, to help you out we have created a list of “5 Reasons To Use Air Sourced Heat Pumps” we hope this helps.

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SEAI Better Energy Home Grants

The SEAI Better Energy Homes programme offers grants to help you install a heat pump system in your home and realise these benefits. SEAI also provides funding towards a Technical Assessment of your home by an independent SEAI registered Technical Advisor, who will help you make an informed decision and ensure your home and the heat pump system are a good match.

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