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Tender Meats is a meat processing company based in Dublin. The existing boilers had reached the end of their lifetime and needed replacing. The client wanted to upgrade the boilers to increase efficiency and to save on the annual heating bills.

2 No. 560kW Vitocrossal 100 twin cascade packaged were installed. This package is broken down into 4 modular boilers with a rated output of 280kW each. The boilers arrive on wheels with a width of 680mm which allows ease of movement through narrow corridors and doorways. The Vitocrossal 100 boilers are high water content (180 litres per boiler). This high water content technology allows the boilers to work on varying flow rates/temperature differentials which removes the need for the boilers to have individual circuit pumps. The circulating pumps on the system can pull directly from these boilers as heat is required. The need for a low loss header is also eliminated. This saves on installation time while also reducing the annual energy usage for Tender Meats. The additional use of the Vitotronic 300-K cascade sequence controller further improves efficiency and helps ensure a long lifetime of the boiler package.

The commissioning of these twin cascades was completed by Peter Pender Senior & Junior who are also responsible for the service contract on these boilers. After one year of operation, Tender Meats were happy to announce a 30% savings compared to previous heating bills.

Client: Concord Boiler Services

Location: Tender Meats, Dublin 22

Completed date: 30/06/2018

Category: Commercial, Commercial Gas Boilers