Vitovent 200-P HEPA heat recovery ventilation

  • Vitovent 200-P HEPA heat recovery ventilation
  • Vitovent 200-P HEPA heat recovery ventilation
  • Vitovent 200-P HEPA heat recovery ventilation
  • Vitovent 200-P HEPA heat recovery ventilation
  • Vitovent 200-P HEPA heat recovery ventilation

A new hybrid ventilation unit Viessmann Vitovent 200-P

The Vitovent 200-P provides closed rooms with constant air circulation of filtered air. This greatly reduces the risk of occupants breathing in contaminated aerosols which can spread across indoor spaces and hang in the air for hours, especially in winter when windows are more likely to be closed and heating operating.

The Vitovent 200-P counteracts the danger of contaminated aerosols by applying the principle of displacement ventilation. This works by providing a constant supply of filtered fresh air into the room at low velocity through diffusers close to the floor, then extracting the air near ceiling height after it has risen due to heat exchange with occupants’ bodies. Good air quality and a comfortable learning atmosphere are ensured by the constant supply of fresh air with heat and moisture recovery, continuous air circulation, and the extraction of air containing CO2 and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) pollution.

Bayview Contracts is one of Ireland’s foremost response maintenance contractors. Having long-term contracts to provide multi-trade emergency repairs in over 30 000 dwellings throughout Ireland, Bayview needs to keep its office teams working at full capacity throughout winter. Good response management means teams working closely together. Bayview has recently remodeled its contact centre and planning office, with the objective of improving teamwork. Although Bayview has contingency plans for “home working”, things work so much better in a large office environment, says Paul Cunningham, business development director.

The new office has teams of up to 8 working in clusters to provide response maintenance for a large client. They keep their employees safe and ensure they continue to deliver for their clients, Bayview has installed a new Vitovent 200-P HEPA 14 heat recovery ventilation unit in their job planning office. The Vitovent 200-P provides hospital-grade air filtration, while also providing highly efficient heat recovery ventilation, to reduce running costs. Since the unit blends filtered recycled air and fresh air after recovering the heat from the air being expelled, there is no sense of drafts in the office. The rate at which fresh air is introduced and fan speed is controlled by a CO2 sensor detecting air quality.

“The air in the office now feels fresh throughout the day,” says Barry Cunningham, MD at Bayview. “The unit is so quiet that the people working next to it didn’t realise it was running.”

“We felt it was the right thing to do in every way, says Paul Cunningham, “This type of high volume response maintenance planning works so much better in an open-plan office. We know that “coughs and colds” go round offices every winter. It’s not just about covid-19. If we can reduce the transmission of all of these airborne infections and provide improved working conditions for our teams, we feel we are doing the right thing.”

The Vitovent 200-P features:
• HEPA 14 filters
• 80% efficient Heat Recovery Ventilation
• CO2 sensor to control air quality
• Whisper quiet operation
• Medical grade air filtration and heat recovery ventilation for large offices and classrooms, in one simple installation.

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