Hydrogen boilers: how they work and whether you need one

Many of us are aware that the amount of carbon dioxide that’s being produced across the world is having an impact on the temperature of our planet.

As home heating accounts for a large percentage of your home’s carbon footprint, the government is looking at alternative ways you can heat your home that are more environmentally friendly.

Hydrogen is a low-carbon alternative that will have a positive impact on the CO2 emissions. It’s a much cleaner gas that can be manufactured from water using electricity. When this electricity is generated from renewable sources, the hydrogen is 100 percent emissions-free.

While heat pumps are a great alternative to gas boilers that run using electricity, it’s nice to have choices, and a hydrogen boiler is another option for domestic heating. Below, we reveal what a hydrogen boiler is, as well as how it works (with a handy animation). 

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