Vitocal 222-A

Vitocal 222


(Indoor Unit) Air source heat pumps with a monobloc design are characterised by separation into an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, with water-carrying connection lines.

The Vitocal 222-A monobloc heat pump utilises the latent heat in the outdoor air for environmentally responsible and cost effective heating. It can provide heating and cooling. This compact appliance also includes an integral 220 litre DHW cylinder.

  • Instantaneous heating water heater
  • 3-way diverter valve for central heating/DHW heating
  • Flow switch
  • Secondary pump (high efficiency circulation pump)
  • Vitotronic 200 control unit
  • Enamelled DHW cylinder (220 litre capacity)

Innovative advanced acoustic design

The acoustic properties of the outdoor units for the Vitocal 222-A comply with advanced acoustic design (AAD) specifications. The result is barely audible. In conjunction with intelligent speed control, the high grade, soundoptimised fan significantly contributes to reducing airborne noise in full and partial load operation. Low frequencies that are generally perceived as a nuisance in conventional heat pumps are largely prevented.

Particularly quiet

With a sound pressure level of only 35 dB(A) at a distance of three metres (night mode), the outdoor unit (with a fan) of the new Vitocal 222-A compact
air source heat pump is one of the quietest units of its kind. Installation close to a neighbouring property or in densely built-up areas, such as terraced housing estates, is therefor no problem.

Quick installation; certificate of competence not required

The compact, wall mounted indoor unit, complete with hydraulics and control unit, is quiet and can be installed near the living space. The lines running to the outdoor unit are filled with water, so the installer does not require a special certificate of competence (refrigerant certificate). The high degree of pre-assembled components and coordinated accessories means the Vitocal 222-A can be installed very quickly.

Vitocal 222-A

High DHW convenience 

The Vitocal 222-A includes a large, integral 220 litre DHW cylinder. The newly developed inlet system ensures very good stratification, which allows a high draw-off volume of up to 290 litres (at 40°C).

With energy ratings of A++, our monobloc Vitocal 200-A heat pump provides cost effective and environmentally responsible heating. It is also extremely quiet. Air source heat pumps with a monobloc design are characterised by separation into an indoor unit and anoutdoor unit, with water-carrying connection lines.

Vitotronic 200 with WLAN option

The heat pump can even be controlled remotely with the Vitotronic 200 control unit via the Vitoconnect internet interface (accessory) and the free ViCare app. In addition, it can be combined with Vitovent central mechanical ventilation units.


+Low operating costs thanks to high coefficient of performance (COP) to EN 14511: up to 4.72 (A7/W35) and 4.01 (A2/W35)
+ Rated heating output: 2.3 to 11.8 kW at A2/W35
+ Heating and cooling with a single appliance thanks to reversible circuit
+ High DHW convenience thanks to 220 litre DHW cylinder
+ Especially quiet, thanks to advanced acoustic design (AAD), ideal for use in rows of
terraced houses
+ High product quality and a modern, timeless design – Made in Germany
+ Maximum flow temperature up to 60°C at –10°C outside temperature
+ Monobloc indoor unit with high efficiency circulation pump, 3-way diverter valve,
safety assembly, control unit and integral instantaneous heating water heater

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